Securing Your Boat or Personal Watercraft

Family Safety Plan

Include a plan for you and your family just in case of emergency.


Making sure that you’re safe during a storm is the main priority when getting prepared. more


The safety of you and your family is just as important especially if you have children or elderly relatives. more


If your family includes pets and you are asked to evacuate to a shelter be sure that the shelter takes pets. more

If you own a boat or watercraft, it is crucial to take steps to secure and protect it during the hurricane season. Here are some guidelines to help you secure your boat:

Monitor weather updates:

Stay informed about approaching hurricanes or severe weather conditions that could impact your area. Follow the guidance of local authorities and adhere to any evacuation orders or boating restrictions.

Develop a hurricane plan:

Create a detailed plan specific to your boat or watercraft. Determine where you will store your boat during a storm and identify a safe location away from the water and potential storm surge.

Secure your boat on land:

If possible, remove your boat from the water and store it on land in a secure location. Use sturdy jack stands or blocks to support the boat and secure it with straps or chains to prevent it from shifting or tipping over due to high winds.

Protect your boat in the water:

If removing your boat from the water is not an option, take steps to secure it in a marina or mooring. Double-check all mooring lines and ensure they are in good condition. Add extra lines and fenders to provide additional protection against rough waters and potential impacts.

Remove equipment and valuables:

Before a storm, remove all valuable items, equipment, and electronics from your boat. This includes personal belongings, electronics, navigation devices, fishing gear, and any removable parts. Store them in a safe and secure location to prevent damage or theft.

Close and secure all openings:

Seal and secure all openings on your boat, including hatches, windows, and doors. Use waterproof tape or covers to protect vulnerable areas from potential water intrusion. Check the bilge pump and ensure it is in good working condition to remove any water that may accumulate during the storm.

Document and store important information:

Take detailed photos or videos of your boat, both inside and out, before securing it. This documentation will be valuable for insurance purposes if any damage occurs. Keep copies of important documents, such as registration, insurance, and ownership, in a safe and waterproof location.

Stay informed and be prepared to take action:

Continuously monitor weather updates and follow instructions from local authorities. If an evacuation order is issued or severe weather conditions are imminent, be prepared to implement your hurricane plan and take necessary action to protect yourself and your boat. Click Here to Learn More


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