Securing Your Vehicle

Protecting your vehicles during a hurricane is essential to minimize damage and ensure their safety. Here are some steps to secure your vehicles:

Find a safe parking spot:

If you live in an evacuation zone or an area prone to flooding, consider moving your vehicle to higher ground. Look for elevated parking lots, multi-level parking structures, or designated safe areas recommended by local authorities.

Park away from trees and power lines:

Avoid parking your vehicle under trees or near power lines. During a hurricane, trees can fall or branches can break, causing significant damage to parked vehicles. Power lines can also pose a safety hazard if they fall.

Store important documents:

Keep your vehicle’s important documents, such as registration, insurance, and identification, in a secure and waterproof location. This will ensure that you have access to them even if your vehicle is damaged or destroyed.


Family Safety Plan

Include a plan for you and your family just in case of emergency.


Making sure that you’re safe during a storm is the main priority when getting prepared. more


The safety of you and your family is just as important especially if you have children or elderly relatives. more


If your family includes pets and you are asked to evacuate to a shelter be sure that the shelter takes pets. more

Protecting Your Car
Fuel up in advance:

Fill up your vehicle’s gas tank before the storm hits. If power outages occur, gas stations may be unable to operate pumps, and fuel may become scarce in the aftermath of the hurricane. Having a full tank of gas ensures that you can evacuate if necessary or have fuel available for essential travel after the storm.

Secure your vehicle at home:

If you are unable to relocate your vehicle to a safer location, park it in a garage if possible. Close the garage door and secure it properly. If you don’t have access to a garage, park your vehicle away from trees and structures that could potentially fall onto it.

Remove valuables:

Take out any valuable items from your vehicle, including electronics, documents, and personal belongings. In the event of damage or theft, you don’t want to lose important items that could be difficult to replace.

Be cautious after the storm:

Even after the hurricane has passed, exercise caution when driving. Roads may be flooded, debris may be present, and traffic signals may not be functioning. Drive slowly and follow the instructions of local authorities.

By taking these measures to secure your vehicles, you can protect them from potential damage during a hurricane and ensure that they are ready for use when the storm has passed. Remember, safety should always be the priority, and if you are instructed to evacuate, follow the guidance of local authorities and leave your vehicle behind if necessary.


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