Hurricane Planning for the Disabled

When creating a plan consider the needs of each family member.

Planning for those with Special Needs

Preparing for a Hurricane: A Guide for People with Disabilities
Hurricanes are powerful and potentially devastating natural events, and being prepared is crucial, especially for individuals with disabilities. The preparation process for people with disabilities involves additional considerations to ensure safety and accessibility during emergencies. This guide aims to provide detailed information to help individuals with various disabilities prepare effectively for a hurricane.

Why Preparation is Different for People with Disabilities
People with disabilities may face unique challenges during a hurricane, such as:

Mobility Issues: Difficulty evacuating quickly or accessing emergency shelters.
Medical Needs: Dependence on medical equipment or medications that require electricity or refrigeration.
Communication Barriers: Difficulty receiving emergency alerts or communicating with emergency personnel.
General Preparation Tips
Create a Personal Support Network: Identify friends, family members, neighbors, and caregivers who can assist you during an emergency. Ensure they are aware of your needs and have a plan to check on you.

Develop a Plan: Have a detailed evacuation plan that includes accessible routes and transportation options. Know the location of the nearest accessible shelters.

Emergency Kit: Prepare an emergency kit that includes:

Medications and medical supplies (at least a week’s supply)
Copies of medical records
Battery-operated or hand-crank radio
Flashlights and extra batteries
Non-perishable food and water (at least three days’ supply)
Basic first aid kit
Personal hygiene items
Important documents (IDs, insurance papers, etc.)

Family Safety Plan

Include a plan for you and your family just in case of emergency.

Personal Preparation

Preparing for a hurricane will be different for different families. We have provided links to resources below.