Hurricane Planning for Men

When creating a plan consider the needs of each family member.

Hurricane Planning for Men

Why Preparation is Different for Single Men
Single men may face different challenges during a hurricane compared to families with children, such as:

Individual Focus: Preparation primarily revolves around individual needs rather than those of dependents.
Property Security: More emphasis on securing personal property and living space.
Community Involvement: Greater flexibility to assist others in the community before and after the hurricane.

General Preparation Tips
Create a Personal Emergency Plan: Develop a comprehensive plan that includes evacuation routes, meeting points, and emergency contacts. Practice the plan and ensure it is clearly understood.
Build an Emergency Kit: Prepare an emergency kit tailored to individual needs. Include:
Non-perishable food and water (at least three days’ supply)
Medications and medical supplies
Important documents (IDs, insurance papers, etc.)
Battery-operated or hand-crank radio
Flashlights and extra batteries
Personal hygiene items
First aid kit

Items specific to health needs, such as prescription medications, glasses, and any necessary medical devices
Stay Informed: Sign up for emergency alerts and notifications from local authorities. Ensure you have multiple ways to receive warnings, such as through TV, radio, and mobile apps.

Family Safety Plan

Include a plan for you and your family just in case of emergency.

Personal Preparation

Preparing for a hurricane will be different for different families. We have provided links to resources below.